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Child Preparation

In the excitement surrounding the decision to bring a child into the world, people often miss the opportunity and importance of discussing the impact having a child has on relationships and the nuts and bolts of raising a child. These conversations are equally important for those considering adoption. Together, we will create a unique eight-session plan that is customized to your needs, building a solid foundation of knowledge upon which to stand and confidently welcome a new family addition.

Child Preparation Coaching will allow prospective parents to explore:

  • Why having children is important for you
  • Parenting styles
  • Financial practices
  • Family Size
  • Roles
  • Career & Family Balance
  • Who is home as primary caregiver for children and how long
  • Religion
  • Fertility Concerns & Medical Advances
  • Adoption
  • Grandparents & Extended family
  • Gender Roles
  • Child Disabilities
  • Maintaining a Successful Relationship

One year after a couple has completed the Child Preparation Coaching, they will be invited back for a complimentary check-up.