Marriage Preparation

Transitioning from “dating” to “married” is a significant life step, full of fresh challenges for which few people are prepared.  Research has shown that, even when a couple has been dating for many years, after the marriage ceremony the relationship changes. Preparing for that transition is what Marriage Preparation Coaching is about. Together, we will create an eight-session plan that is customized to your needs, aimed at creating a solid foundation of understanding upon which a marriage can flourish.

Marriage Preparation Coaching will allow couples to explore:

  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Starting a Family
  • Financial Practices
  • Roles
  • Division of Labour
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Religion
  • Impact of Cultural
  • Communication
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Handling Stress
  • Extended Family
  • Relationships with Friends
  • Where is Home
  • Relationship Expectations
  • Acceptance of Vices (drugs, alcohol, & gambling)
  • Recreation Time

One year after a couple has completed the Marriage Preparation Coaching, they will be invited back for a complimentary relationship check-up.