"Letitia has been such a positive force in my family's lives for the past eight years.  From my children's infancy through their early school years, I have always trusted her non-judgmental and open approach to family coaching.  Her warm demeanour gives her an uncanny ability to quickly make lasting connections with family members so that they can work towards reasonable solutions. 

Letitia is always up-to-date on leading research and suggests ways to apply the findings that are easy to understand and follow through with.  She provides thoughtful insight into many areas of child development and is well versed in positive parenting strategies.  Her ability to provide encouragement and tools during difficult life changes has helped my family find a new, refreshingly positive and balanced perspective."

"Letitia has both coached and counselled myself and my family. Chronic illness and family dynamics had led to many challenges that Letitia helped us understand and navigate.  She has helped us find balance where we may have otherwise felt unable.  Letitia's insight, candour and caring approach have been a genuine asset to myself and my family.”


"Tish is a warm-hearted lady with a good laugh. She is always able to absorb all kinds of information from me and pinpoint what my actual concerns are and what I should focus on. We have talked about family issues, friendship issues, and parenting skills. Tish always provides me with very efficient communication techniques, practical parenting strategies, and is willing to practice with me. By applying those skills in my daily life, I have become a firm mother with clear expectations and rules, instead of feeling irritated by my kids.

I have also learned how to say "No" comfortably when I find myself in an uneasy situation at home or at work. I am really grateful that I met Tish who has been so caring and patient. Life is hard, and Tish has again and again helped me choose the least stressful consequences that I am willing to take on. Thank you, Tish!"